Providing pragmatic advice,
focusing on the issues that matter.

advice on issues arising during the course of the project

The construction industry is notorious for the number of disputes that arise. We encourage dispute avoidance at an early stage when issues arise  – and we believe fully in the importance of good communication to mitigate such situations.

We can advise parties on their obligations under the contract, the interpretation of any given scenario and what action should be taken to avoid a dispute arising and/or how best to manage the issue to mitigate its effect. When necessary, we can make recommendations on the appropriate things to say in communications between the parties – as well as advising on notices to serve and when action can be taken to improve your position and/or minimise your exposure to risk.

When an issue arises, seeking advice at the earliest opportunity can often save significant time and money in the long run. Steps can be taken to mitigate the impact of the issue and to avoid unintentionally doing something that exposes you to a claim. If this course of action cannot be avoided, taking specialist legal advice as soon as possible also enables efficient and cost effective resolution – through the dispute mechanism under the contract.

To make an appointment to see one of our construction solicitors, please contact Richard Millard on 01908 689382 or email

The Construction & Development Team

  • Richard Millard Managing Partner
    Construction & Development 01908 689382
    Richard has over 20 years’ experience acting for clients in the construction industry,  providing pragmatic advice to developers, contractors, sub-contractors, design and construction professionals, housing associations, smaller builders and homeowners.


  • Darren Millis Partner
    Commercial Property 01908 689319
    Darren has over 25 years’ experience in dealing with commercial property work.  Darren has concentrated in the last few years on the more complicated land acquisition and development work including:


  • Richard Willis Consultant Solicitor
    Commercial Property 01908 689315
    Richard specialises in Property Law, representing clients from small family businesses to large PLC’s’ He also acts for local Councils, Parish Councils, landowners, investors, developers, lenders, Housing Associations and Charities. 


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