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will drafting

Addressing what may happen once you have gone is something no-one likes to think about, but leaving others to sort out your financial affairs after death can be fraught with problems. Drafting a Will is not expensive – and it’s important to have peace of mind that your spouse, children and estate will be taken care of should the worst happen.

Expert advice from will writing solicitors

We will listen sensitively to your needs and help you draft a Will that suits your situation – so that you always have the final say. This includes providing advice on:

  • Appointing guardians for your children
  • Distributing your assets, such as your home and savings, among family members
  • Making provisions for your business
  • Incorporating Trusts to protect your property and assets
  • Reducing the cost of inheritance tax
  • Setting out your funeral wishes

Our team addresses some of the frequently asked questions in this article about the different types of Wills and Will Trusts to help you decide what suits you best?

Keeping a will up to date

If you already have a will, then consider if it reflects your current circumstances. Remember that things change and a lot may have happened since you originally made it. Have you married, been divorced or separated, had children or grandchildren? Maybe you have moved house, or would like to leave something special to a dear friend? We recommend that you regularly review your Will to make sure it reflects your exact needs and requests.

The National Will Register

We are a member of Certainty the National Will Register.  If you draft your Will with us, we will automatically register it with Certainty as soon as it is completed – or if you did not, then we can still help you to register it. You can transfer your Will to our strong room from wherever it is currently held – for example another law firm, your home or at your bank. We do not charge for storing your Will and we will automatically register it with Certainty for a small fee as part of this storage process – unless you prefer that we do not do this.

It is vitally important that you keep your Will under review and we can also help with this. A professionally prepared Will, which has been safely stored and registered with Certainty, will help to ensure that your wishes are carried out – and that your estate is passed to those you have nominated.

Dagmara Kulczykowska is also a member of STEP – which is the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning.

Home Visits

At Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors we believe it is important that all our clients have access to our legal services, which is why we offer home visits to clients who are either housebound, don’t have transport, or don’t have on-line facilities for a zoom meeting.   To find out more contact our team for further information on how we can help you.

To make an appointment to speak to one of our Will Drafting experts, Dagmara Kulczykowska, Ivone Joaquim, Catrina Saracino or Zak Barnaville, please call on 01908 689341 or contact us.



What our clients say:

“Many thanks for all your work on my Father’s Will and Probate”. Leslie Anne Bonner, Milton Keynes

For more information about how we can help, you can read testimonials from our private client services clients

The Private Client Services Team

  • Dagmara Kulczykowska Partner
    Private Client Services 01908 689341
    Dagmara is Head of the Department and has many years of experience in all aspects of private client work. Dagmara’s strengths are working with families on very sensitive and emotive matters, providing them with specialist legal advice. She ensures clients are supported but also advised clearly and comprehensively on the legal issue(s) at hand so that they can make an informed decision.


  • Ivone Joaquim Senior Associate
    Private Client Services 01908 689337
    Ivone is a Legal Executive in the Private Client Services Department and is able to advise in a range of matters relating to the administration of estates, Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Deputyship application.


  • Zak Barnaville Paralegal
    Private Client Services 01908 689376
    Zak is a highly motivated and experienced Paralegal who works in the Private Client Services team assisting with Estate Administration, Court of Protection, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills.


  • Catrina Saracino Solicitor
    Private Client Services 01908 689327
    Catrina is a Solicitor working within the Private Client Services team. Catrina specialises in drafting Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, and the administration of Estates/Probate.


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