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We were instructed to help resolve issues surrounding a will. The Client’s sister had asked her solicitor to make changes to her will but was injured in a road accident before she was able to sign the new document. We made a successful application to the Court of Protection for a Statutory Will incorporating provisions for the sister’s son. The client’s sister died shortly after the order for the Statutory Will was made and the firm have since obtained a Grant of Probate in her estate. The family were extremely relieved that her sons have now been sufficiently provided for from the estate.

We advised a client whose father had died, leaving him the sole residuary beneficiary of his estate. The firm prepared a Deed of Variation to the father’s second wife’s will and his father’s will so as to mitigate the amount of capital gains tax paid out on the eventual sale of the property our client had inherited from his father’s estate. We were also able to claim the transfer of the unused nil rate band from the client’s mother’s estate, resulting in no inheritance tax being payable in the father’s estate.

We recently helped a mother whose son died of cancer. Although his mother was not fully aware of his wealth, our lawyers were able to ascertain the extent of her son’s assets and liabilities and also take care of the estate administration, including finalising her son’s income tax position, preparing the full HM Revenue & Customs Inheritance Tax Account, obtaining the Grant, collecting his assets and distribution. Our sensitive and professional approach helped take the stress out of and ease what was, naturally, a very upsetting process for his mother.

We were appointed as professional executor for a client, who had no friends or family she wanted, or could, look after her affairs following her death. The firm was notified that our details were in her personal effects and, after searching our wills database, we were able to locate the will and take all the necessary steps. This included arranging her funeral, clearing her home, establishing the extent of her estate, notifying all relevant authorities of her passing, selling her home and distributing her estate to her chosen charities.

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