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shareholders’ agreements

Shareholders’ agreements set out the rights of one shareholder against another and aim  to protect the investment and interests of both majority and minority owners in the company and also deal with succession issues where a shareholder dies. Shareholder agreements are essential because company law usually favours the majority shareholders not least by giving the majority shareholders the right to appoint and remove the company’s directors. Unfortunately we have seen many cases where a majority shareholder uses this power to act in their own interests at the expense of other shareholders.

At Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors we believe that a shareholders’ agreement needs to reflect the particular facts and meets the needs of the shareholders of each case.  An ‘off the shelf’ one size fits all’ agreement off the internet is unlikely to protect your interests and may turn out to be a false economy.

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The Company Commercial Team

  • Tim Roberts Senior Partner
    Company Commercial 01908 689356
    Tim Roberts is Head of the Department and the firm’s Senior Partner. He began his career as a solicitor in the City of London before moving to Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors Company Commercial department. He has over 30 years of experience in Company Commercial and specialises in all aspects of the sale and purchase of companies and businesses, including management buy-outs, corporate restructuring, banking and corporate finance.


  • Troy Warner Senior Solicitor
    Company Commercial 01908 689313
    Troy is a Senior Solicitor in the Company Commercial team and specialises in the buying and selling of companies, corporate finance, distribution and franchise agreements, supply and manufacturing agreements, and intellectual property.


  • Danielle Austin Senior Associate Solicitor
    Company Commercial 01908 689399
    Danielle Austin is a Solicitor who is experienced in dealing with Company and Commercial matters.


  • Gemma Gurney Solicitor
    Company Commercial 01908 689373
    Gemma is the newest member of our Company Commercial team.  After graduating from the University of Lincoln with an LLB, Gemma completed her Legal Practice Course at Leicester Institute of Legal Practice


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