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All businesses are required by law to issue each employee with a written statement of employment particulars, more commonly known as an Employment Contract, on or before the first day  of employment. 

The contract must contain some key information regarding the terms and conditions of employment including:

  • name of the employer
  • name of employee and start date
  • if a previous job counts towards a period of continuous employment
  • how much and how often the employee will get paid
  • hours of work
  • holiday entitlement
  • any provision for sick pay and pension
  • place of work
  • length of notice
  • job title or a brief description of the work
  • information if the employee is required to work outside the UK for more than one month

Since 1 April 2020 the contract must contain additional information including details of any probationary period, all paid leave, benefits and training. If you have not reviewed your contracts since 1 April 2020 then it is very likely they will not be compliant with UK law.

Whilst the main purpose of the contract review is to ensure it contains all of the required information it also provides an opportunity to protect the business by including carefully worded clauses in relation to the the use of trade secrets and confidential information and post employment activity.



*Free Contract Review:

  • we will review your current contract
  • advise whether it is compliant with UK law
  • provide a summary of key amendments needed
  • make recommendations on how to protect the business
  • provide a no obligation quote to update the contract in line with our advice

*Free contract review available until 30 November 2023

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Are your employment contracts compliant with UK law?
Free Contract Review

Call today on 01908 689366


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