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The impact of Covid 19 on brain injured cases

Personal Injury Partner, Navdip Gill reports how his brain injury clients are affected by COVID 19:

We are in the midst of a national emergency and understandably this is a worrying time for all and this article will hopefully provide some clarity for anyone who is involved in the process of a civil claim and rehabilitation.

Medical Reports

I have recently received a plethora of calls from my leading medical experts postponing upcoming medical examinations. Unfortunately due to unprecedented circumstances they were right to make this call, otherwise there was a risk of spreading this virus from doctor to client and vice versa.

Some medical experts do have the technology to facilitate remote video consultations and these can be done for straight forward injuries where the medical expert does not need to physically examine the patient, for example, I have one case in which a Professor of Neurology is happy to conduct an examination via Skype because they have already been sent all the scans and medical records. In another case the other side’s professor of psychiatry decided to conduct the client’s examination by Skype and my client was perfectly happy to answer their questions remotely. However, invariably video consultations are often not suitable for complex brain injuries as a detailed consultation can take over 6 hours to complete and therefore where these appointments have to be postponed it will inevitably delay the progress of the case.

Coronavirus has forced everyone to adapt and embrace technology  – I do not believe a client is disadvantaged if they are examined by medical expert via Skype provided the medical expert has all the relevant medical records. In some way it is better for the client as it is less disruptive and stressful and should certainly be considered an option moving forward post Covid 19.


Covid 19 has also had an impact of the rehabilitation available to clients. In one of my cases, I had just secured funding my client to move to a flat for 6 months under the direct supervision of a case manager and a number of medical specialists. However, following the Covid 19 outbreak I made the decision to postpone their housing arrangements and will instead continue with weekly medical assessments via video consultations.

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