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Darren Millis | Mar 2020

The Hackett Report has been followed by the (MHCLG) Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government Building Safety Standards Report issued on 20 January 2020.  Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick said that ‘the slow pace of improving building safety standards will not be tolerated’. The headlines from this report are:

  • The immediate establishment of a new Building Safety Regulator, under the auspices of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
  • it aims to set out clear and clarified advice relating to the construction of new buildings, with a proposed expansion of the cladding ban in England and a promise to clarify the government’s plans for widening sprinkler requirements.
  • updated guidance on safety issues,
  • a promise to support local authorities in their enforcement options; and
  • a threat to “name and shame” building owners who have failed to remove unsafe cladding from their buildings.

The government has issued the scope of further future research on fire safety risk in buildings.

Whilst this is a step forward the Evening Standard Homes & Property article shows, there is still a lot of uncertainty for apartment owners as well as those involved in maintaining the exterior of apartment buildings and clarification is needed urgently now!

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