Addressing what may happen once we’ve gone is something few of us like to think about, but leaving others to sort out your financial affairs after death can be fraught with problems.

Making a Will is not expensive and having peace of mind that your spouse, children and estate will be taken care of should the worst happen is priceless.

At Geoffrey Leaver our experienced Will solicitors will listen sensitively to your needs and help you with writing a will which suits your situation.

Whether you need advice on appointing guardians for your children, distributing your wealth among family members, making provisions for your business, incorporating Trusts to protect your property and assets, reducing the cost of inheritance tax or setting out your funeral wishes, we can make sure you have the final say after you’re gone.

Don’t leave it too late – without a will the state will be left to make decisions about your money and who brings up your children.

We often get asked ‘why use a solicitor to write a Will when a Will Writer or DIY Will writing kit are cheaper?’ Wills and Probate Lawyer, Dagmara Kulczykowska, shares her reasons why it is so important to get your Will written by the right person.

Do you already have a Will?

If the answer is yes, does it reflect your current circumstances? Remember things change, and a lot may have happened since you made your will. Have you married, been divorced or separated, had children or grandchildren, maybe you have moved house or you would like to leave something special to a dear friend? We recommend that you regularly review your will to make sure it reflects your exact needs and requests.

To download a PDF about Will Writing click here

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