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1. Years of experience dealing with cyclist claims

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5. Serious accidents worth over £250,000

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What to do

1. Try to obtain the details of the person who knocked you off your bike. Vehicle registration is essential, name of driver, address, proof of ID.

2. Did anyone else see the accident? If so, get their details as you may require their help later on as a witness.

3. Report the accident to the police within 24 hours, if the driver isn’t co-operating then call the police at the scene of the accident.

4. Get medical treatment, if it’s serious – call 999. Otherwise attend a hospital or doctors within 24 hours if possible.

5. If the road conditions are the cause of the accident, you will need witnesses and pictures of the area that caused the accident.

6.We can help even if you cannot get any information.

If you haven’t done all of the above, don’t worry yourself too much – give us a call: 01908 689369 and we can advise you on what else needs to be done to ensure you can claim the compensation you deserve.

Recent Claims We have taken on

Young child was on a zebra crossing with his family when he was struck by a car. He sustained a head injury which affected his balance. After extensive physiotherapy his unsteadiness improved and he made a good recovery. Case settled with the approval of the Court in the sum of £60,144.00 which he will receive from the Court when he reaches 18 years.

Total To Be Claimed: £60,144

Milton Keynes

Construction Worker was moving a large trolley when his colleague let go and our client’s right wrist was trapped and fractured. He was off work and needed surgery. His case settled for £153,000 to include the cost of fusion surgery.

Estimated Value: £153,000

Milton Keynes

Pedestrian fell on broken paving slab and damaged her two front teeth with bruising and grazing to her face. We recovered £18,506 to include the future cost of dental treatment for implants.

Total Claimed: £18,506

Milton Keynes

"I was a pedestrian when I was involved in a collision with a car. Navdip provided a first class service and secured £50,000 in compensation. His preparation of my case was meticulous and he settled my case promptly."

Mr Singh


Knocked off bicycle. Untraced hit and run. Unable to walk. Soft Tissue injuries and arm fractures.

Estimated Value: £70,000

Milton Keynes

Knocked by Car. Soft Tissue, Neck and Back Injuries with Physical Therapy.

Estimated Value: £45,000

Milton Keynes

Knocked of bike by a bus driver. Suffered from head injury and stroke.

Estimated Value: £200,000

Milton Keynes

Knocked off bike by a van driver overtaking. Fell into ditch causing broken elbow, bruising and whiplash symptoms.

Estimated Value: £15,000

Milton Keynes

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