The Estate Claim

The deceased’s personal representative can claim on behalf of the estate for financial loss incurred by the deceased prior to death, for example loss of wages and expenses whilst in hospital compensation for the pain and suffering prior to death, and funeral expenses.

Please note if death is instantaneous, there will be no claim for compensation for Financial loss and suffering.

The Dependant’s Claim

A Dependancy claim can include:

  • bereavement – £12,980.00 for certain dependants.
  • a claim for the financial losses or loss of services suffered by the relatives.

Individuals who were dependant on the deceased can claim for their financial loss caused by death. Although not an exhaustive list, the following are classed as dependants:

  • wife, husband or civil partner of the deceased, including former wife or husband
  • anyone living with the deceased as husband, wife or civil partner for at least two years up to and including the date of death
  • any parent or other ascendant of the deceased, i.e. grandparent, great grandparents
  • any children or other descendant of the deceased, i.e. grandchildren
  • any person who, in the case of a marriage or civil partnership involving the deceased, was treated as a child of the family in relation to the marriage or civil partnership
  • any brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts of the deceased and their issue, i.e. cousins, nephews and nieces.

If you are not sure whether any other person is included, or what you would like to clarify if you are entitled to claim, please do contact us.

The claim is not restricted to claiming for the deceased’s future loss of earnings and can include loss of services such as gardening, decorating or car maintenance and services provided by a wife or mother which were previously provided by the deceased.

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