You may require to see a number of experts throughout your claim. These experts will address different issues and whilst there may be some overlap between experts they are needed to help value your claim and ensure that you have the right support for the future. Please note this list is not exhaustive and you may only need to see one or two experts depending on the severity of the injury.

Medical Experts:
Neuropsychiatrist will comment on behaviour and personality problems- including anxiety, depression, stress and mental health.

Neuropsychologist will carry out an objective assessment of mental abilities and comment on cognitive problems including problems with memory, attention and concentration and lack of organisation. This will help other experts such as care and employment experts to determine the extent of loss of independence or barriers to certain types of work. It will also assist the court in determining whether a person has the mental capacity to deal with a compensation claim.

Neurosurgeon will comment on the extent of the damage found in the brain after being operated on.

Neurologist will comment on the effects of the damage such as the risk of epilepsy, migraine and loss of co-ordination.

Neuroradiologist will interpret any brain scans.

Consultant in Rehabilitation will comment on the assessment and management of patients in Vegetative or Minimally Conscious states and associated problems such as spasticity and long term management and on therapy requirements and generally review the rehabilitation process.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon will comment on physical injuries such as fractures.

Pain Management Consultant will comment on drugs regimes required to alleviate pain and pain management programmes.

Physiotherapist will comment on the treatment required to maintain the maximum level of function for the remainder of life.

Occupational Therapist will assess clients for aids and adaptions to assist them in their activities of daily living and throughout their life.

Nursing Care expert will assess the level of care required, the costs of case management and the training and supervising of support carers and/or the cost of residential care, the cost of replacing services such as DIY, gardening, increased utility bills, vehicle costs/adaptions and increased and aids and appliances.

Non medical experts:

Accountant will comment on loss of earnings, benefits and loss of pension.

Employment expert will comment on the availability of alternative employment and reduction in earning capacity in part or full.

Architect will comment on any specialised housing accommodation and the additional costs of running a new property.

Professional Deputy will comment on the costs of a Professional Deputy and Court of Protection fees if the client does not have mental capacity to manage his/her own affairs.

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