We are recognised brain injury specialist solicitors by Headway and we are listed in the Headway Head Injury Solicitors Directory.

To assist you to choose a brain injury specialist lawyer we are happy to answer the following questions:

How long have you undertaken brain injury work?

Answer: I have being handling brain injuries cases for 20 years


What are the most serious cases that you have dealt with?


  • A child aged two who seriously brain injured in a road accident, who will never work and will require support throughout her life to lead her life
  • A woman who was minimally conscious as a result of a very severe brain injury in road accident and sadly died a number of years later.
  • A young accountant who was brained injured in a road accident and cannot return to his previous employment but is leading a fulfilling life with charity work
  • A child who was brain injured at age 11 crossing a road and is now living independently with the support of a carer.
  • A young woman on the back of a stolen motor bike without a helmet who successfully claimed against the Motor Insurers Bureau.


Will you be dealing with my case personally?

Answer: I handle my brain injury cases personally.


Do you belong to the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)? Do you belong to the Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel

Answer: I am a Fellow of APIL and a Member of the Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel.


When will you be able to apply for an interim payment?

Answer: Most Insurers are open to making interim payments early on when liability is admitted and there are expenses to be met. Most Insurers are also open to paying for an Immediate Needs Assessment to assess the injured person’s needs.


What are the options for funding the case?

Answer: I will discuss no win no fee and legal expenses insurance cover with you to make sure that you have the right funding in place for your claim.


Are you prepared to visit us at home?

Answer: I prefer to visit my clients at home as that is where they are most comfortable.


Can we phone you if we have any problems?

Answer: I am very happy to speak to you at any time and you will be able to speak to another very experience member of the team if I am on holiday or out of office.


Will you keep in regular contact with us and how will this be done?

Answer: It is important for me to keep in regular contact with you and for you to contact me if anything changes or you need help with anything. I like to speak to or email my clients as post can get lost.


Do you have links with your local Headway groups?

Answer: We have supported Headway Milton Keynes with a large financial donation and I have been a Trustee of two Headway Groups.


Do you have experience working with Brain Injury Professionals?

Answer: I have worked with Brain Injury Professionals for over 20 years.


What is the highest settlement you have achieved and what investment advice do you give?

Answer: My highest settlement was 3.4 million. I have worked closely with Nestor Partnership who are members of the Brain Injury Group over many years and they provide investment advice for many of my clients.


Would you be happy for us to take up a reference in relation to your ability to handle my claim?

Answer: I would be very happy for you to do so. It is important that we can work together to achieve the best result for you.


If my case is funded by way of a “no win no fee” agreement will you charge a success fee?

Answer: It is very likely that I will but I will discuss this in detail with you. The Government is proposing to introduce fixed fees for high value cases and that may well have an impact on what is charged. There will be a very open and frank discussion about all of this with you.


Will there be any other cost deductions from my compensation?

Answer: As part of the discussion above I will discuss any “after the event insurance” and any shortfall in costs. Please be assured that all these arrangements will be put in writing to you for your agreement.


Do you have any personal experience of brain injury?

Answer: Sadly my sister was brain injured 3 years ago when she was injured as a passenger on a motor bike. An oncoming driver fell asleep at the wheel and collided into the motor bike. She was critically injured and air lifted to Hospital. She had a craniotomy and was in Hospital for 11 months and a brain injury rehabilitation unit for 6 months. She is making a good recovery but will always have difficulties. We are truly grateful for the care she received in Hospital and to have her with us.