What can a victim of Traumatic Brain Injury recover compensation for?

Compensation for Brain Injury is made up of two Parts:

Part 1: General Damages for pain and suffering

How do we value pain and suffering?

The Courts have a Guide called the Judicial College Guidelines and these are broken down into:

  1. a) Very Severe Brain Damage  (£227,975 to £326,700)
  2. b) Moderately Severe Brain Damage (£177,100 to £227,975)
  3. c) Moderate Brain Damage  (£34,815 to £177,100)
  4. d) Less Severe Brain Damage (£12,375 to £34,760)
  5. e) Minor Brain or Head Injury (£1,788 to £10,340)

Please see related link the Judicial College Guidelines

Part 2: Special Damages for losses and expenses

What can you claim?

  1. Hospital and medical expenses, past and future
  2. Lost earnings, past and future
  3. Cost of care, past and future
  4. Aids and Appliances
  5. Adaptations to existing home or new home
  6. Costs of a Professional Deputy
  7. Costs of a Case Manager
  8. Additional utility bills, holiday costs and travel expenses ect

This list is not exhaustive and we will bring to the attention of the court the various effects that a brain injury has had in each individual case.

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