The Brain Injury Group (BIG) was founded in 2011 and is a dedicated and exclusive network of solicitors and other support services and professionals that specialise in helping victims of head injury receive the rehabilitation and compensation they deserve after an accident.

As an approved member of the Brain Injury Group, Anne Maguire has demonstrated that she has a particular expertise and experience in handling brain injury compensation.

Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors are the only members of the Brain Injury Group in Milton Keynes and as members we have access to services which are free for our clients.
These services are:

  • Case Management Assessment
  • Family Co-ordinator Service
  • Welfare Benefits Advice
  • Financial and Budgeting Assistance
  • Statutory Funding Advice
  • Emotional Support Network

So if you need a case manager, help in a family crisis, help with identifying available welfare benefits, help with dealing with banks, mortgage companies or credit card companies or simply want to talk in complete confidence to those who have direct experience of the impact of brain injury then we can signpost you to the relevant service.

For more information contact our Specialist Personal Injury Lawyers on 01908 692769.

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