Geoffrey Leaver announces it has become a member of Certainty National Registry of Wills

We are happy to announce that Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors has recently become a member of Certainty National Registry of Wills.

When someone dies it is not uncommon for family not to know if the deceased made a Will let alone where it is stored. A missing Will can cause your family worry, stress and problems when dealing with your estate. The main objective of Certainty is to ensure that your Will can be quickly and easily located by your family when you die and not overlooked, lost or untraced.

The Will is registered with Certainty confidentially and your personal details are never released to anyone. Once your Will is registered you will receive a registration certificate which contains a unique registration number and which you can store in your personal papers at home where it can be found by those who need the Will such as a next of kin, an Executor or a beneficiary.

Certainty in the only UK Register of Wills which records centrally the existence of a Will and details of where it is stored. The Will documents itself is stored in our strong room. Using the certificate and the certificate number a search can be made with Certainty for the Will. We as the firm storing the Will are notified that someone has made a search for the Will and we can then contact them to establish communication with your family or next of kin.

When making a Will with us, we will automatically register your Will with Certainty as soon as the Will is completed.

If you did not make your Will with us we can still help you register your Will. You can transfer your Will to our strong room from wherever it is currently held (another firm, in your home or at the bank) and we will automatically register your Will with Certainty as part of the as storage process. We do not charge for storing your Will.

It is vitally important that you keep your Will under review and we can help you with this.

A professionally prepared Will which has been safely stored and registered with Certainty will help to ensure that your wishes are carried out and that your estate is passed to those you have nominated in your Will.