The Forgotten Claimant, Passengers in Vehicles – Helpful Hints and Advice when Making a Claim

When making a claim, everybody from the insurance company to the hire company will advise the driver on how to make a claim and often the passenger or passengers will remain overlooked for a number of reasons.

1. One of the most important points is that in genuine claims if a passenger claims then this is red flagged by the insurers who proceed to take a closer look at the case and this may delay the driver’s claim.

2. Another reason is the driver may be at fault and they do not wish for their passengers to claim against their own insurance policy.

At Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors we specialise in passenger claims from small people (under 18) to adults. We deal with over 1000 accidents a year and make sure clients obtain the maximum compensation under No Win No Fee.

Navdip Gill, Personal Injury Solicitor explains that the essential information required to start the process will be driver’s name and address but do not panic if you not have these details, simply the registration number will be sufficient.

In order to prove your claim you must have gone to your GP, walk in centre or your local accident and emergency department. This is very important because in some cases we may require your notes at a much later date and Judges attach great weight to these documents, especially if the other side argue that the accident may have been a minor impact and the vehicle sustained just a scratch on the bumper.

As a rule of thumb most cases are settled within 4 months, unless the injury is so severe in which case it may last a number of years. One of my colleagues recently settled a passenger claim in excess of £3 million although she had been acting for the client since they were a baby.

Once you have given us instructions to proceed ahead with your case we will instruct a medical expert to prepare a report on your behalf. The medical report will form the basis of  any compensation and therefore it is very important you tell the medical expert where the pain is for example in the neck or back or both places. Another important point is that has the injury effected your lifestyle for example if you go to the gym but unable to do so or play Sunday football and have now given it up due to injury.

On top of this we are able to arrange physiotherapy throughout the UK in order to aid your recovery.

On average, a passenger claim settles between £2,500 – £3,500 on a No Win No Fee basis.

If you do wish to make claim please contact Navdip Gill on 01908 689338 for a free consultation either in person or by telephone.