Employment Contracts: Playing on Your Conscience?

Employees are often regarded as the most valuable asset of a business; often it’s not the product or service that makes a company great, it’s the employees. They do also however present a great source of risk to a company, no matter how big or small the enterprise is.

Whether it becomes apparent an employee is diverting potential business opportunities, soliciting clients to move business elsewhere, or acting as recruiting agents encouraging employees to leave the company all these examples should alert employers to the variety of risks, as well as wealth, an employee can pose to a business. As a result, employment contracts are critical for safeguarding an organisation.

A classic instance of such risk is the breach of confidence by employees surrounding confidential information. It’s important to establish as much protection to the business as possible against the misuse of sensitive and confidential information as well as providing clear guidelines for your employees.

It is imperative for any business to protect its customer or client base. A well drafted contract can help protect this asset and prevent an employee from soliciting or dealing with clients in the crucial months after leaving.

A good contract can also help to establish best practice within the workplace and ensure you get the best out of your employees.

And if you need a further reason……it is a legal requirement to provide an employment contract and with employment law constantly changing it’s essential that they are kept up to date. To find out more about Geoffrey Leaver’s Contract Review offer, call our employment team now on 0333 200 4331 or email us.