An Employment Contract sets out the terms and conditions agreed between the parties and getting that right from the outset is essential.

All businesses are required by law to issue an employee with a statement of employment particulars, more commonly known as an Employment Contract, within 2 months of the employee commencing employment. A failure to do so can result in unnecessary arguments, disputes and an award of up to 4 weeks’ pay in the Employment Tribunal.

Employee Handbooks provide the opportunity to create clear working practices in the workplace so that all workers understand the expectations and the ethos of the business.

We can draft or review Employment Contracts, Directors Service Agreements and Company Handbooks.

We will ensure that the contracts we prepare are clear, concise and will be tailored to suit and protect your business to ensure its on-going success. Our contracts will form a template for future contracts to allow uniformity throughout the business and, where appropriate, will offer flexibility, so a business can meet the demands it may face in a challenging market.

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