Woman who broke her wrist after she slipped outside her home has been awarded £11,000 compensation

A WOMAN who suffered a fractured wrist when she slipped and fell on sludge from an overflowing drain has won £11,000, thanks to Geoffrey Leaver.

Diane, 61, successfully sued the Radcliffe School, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, after she slipped in a passageway behind her home in May 2009.

Despite warnings from other residents, the school failed to repair the drain which repeatedly overflowed in heavy rainfall, causing sludge to spill over onto the walkway.

Diane needed surgery on her left wrist and was off work for five months. She suffered permanent damage, which caused her on-going discomfort and affected her ability to do everyday housework and shopping.

Geoffrey Leaver successfully secured negotiated damages, which included those for loss of earnings and hospital and travel expenses.

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