Schoolboy wins £50,000 damages for accident which cost his grandparents their lives

A BOY has been awarded £50,000 compensation after he was badly burned in a road accident which cost his grandparents their lives.

The boy, 13, was travelling in the front middle seat of a van, either side of his grandparents when they were struck head-on by a car coming in the opposite direction.

Both his grandparents were killed in the accident, which happened outside of Milton Keynes in January 2005. Although Luke survived he suffered serious burns which required skin grafts to his buttocks and legs.

He spent one month in hospital and missed three months of schooling as a consequence.

The youngster also suffered some post-traumatic stress in the immediate aftermath, which included anxiety about travelling in a car with loved ones, although this is unlikely to be permanent.

His scars will require lifetime care using creams.

Geoffrey Leaver successfully negotiated a £50,000 claim for damages without the case going to court.

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