Engineer who broke leg in accident with fork lift truck successfully sues for more than £7,000

AN engineer who hadn’t received proper training at work fractured his leg when a fork lift truck he was driving toppled over down a slope.

Adrian, 32, had been working as a field service engineer for around four months at Crown Forklift Trucks when the accident occurred in September 2005.

Despite not being trained, he was asked to service and test drive a truck at one of the firm’s customers, in Luton.

The truck toppled to the left hand side, breaking Adrian’s shin, calf bone and ankle, causing him to be in hospital for several weeks and off work for five months.

Adrian, who now works as a prison officer, suffers discomfort running and has had to give up playing competitive football as a consequence.

Geoffrey Leaver successfully negotiated £7,012 compensation from his former employers.

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