Employee receives £325,000 Compensation for severe hand injury

Anne Maguire, Personal Injury Solicitor first met Mrs Kaur at her home in June 2014.  She had suffered extensive injuries to her right hand in a work accident whilst operating a chapatti machine in a food factory.  The guard had been removed from the machine and when her client went to remove a blockage of flour, the blade came down and went into her right hand and fingers.  She effectively lost the use of her right hand and suffered post-traumatic stress and depression.

What was really concerning abou this case was that her employer permanently removed vital safety equipment from the door of the machine.  They then removed the sensor and rewired and overrode the safety cut out in order to use the machine without the safety guard.

Both these actions were incredibly dangerous and showed complete disregard for Mrs Kaur’s health and safety.  She was a very loyal employee and worked in the factory for many years.  The insurers argued that she was partly to blame for the accident and that she should lose 25% of her damages.  Mrs Kaur was deeply hurt by these allegations.  We made it clear to the Insurers that given Mrs Kaur had been instructed to put her hand into the machine to remove wastage every 30 to 40 minutes, we would not accept any deduction in damages.

Finally the Insurers conceded that the employers were 100% to blame and we settled Mrs Kaur’s compensation claim in full at £325,000.

Anne was very pleased to act for Mrs Kaur as she was the major bread-winner for the family and had been physically, psychologically and financially disadvantaged.  It was very satisfying going up against the Insurance company and fighting Mrs Kaur’s corner for the compensation she truly deserved.