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Tripping on an uneven pavement is the best known example of a tripping accident. A raised paving stone must be considered “dangerous or not reasonably safe” before a claim can be successful. As the courts have stated, “pavements cannot be judged by the standard of bowling greens” and, therefore, minor depressions and defects must be expected. However, a pavement edge raised about one inch or a pavement slab that rocks when walked on could arguably be dangerous and could cause a serious accident.

If the pavement forms part of a public highway, then the responsibility for maintenance and safety lies with the Local Authority. If the Council does not have an adequate system for checking the relevant area, then they may be negligent and could be ordered to pay you compensation for your injury. Alternatively, the accident may be the fault of another body, such as an electricity company or a cable television company which was working on the road at the time and caused your injury.

If you think you may have a Tripping Accident claim it is essential that accurate measurements of the defects are taken as soon as possible after the accident. (It is surprising how quickly repairs can be carried out!) Photographs of the area are also essential as the Courts have been known to take into account the general condition of the surrounding area.

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