There are many symptoms associated with PTSD and the more common symptoms are:


Those involved in a traumatic event may find themselves thinking back to the event and reliving what happened. This is also referred to as “flashbacks”.

Sleep disturbance

Such “flashbacks” and the fact that your mind is likely to be traumatised by the event may mean that you are having trouble sleeping. This can lead to effects on your social life, if you have become irritable and tired, and can also have an effect on your work if you are finding it hard to concentrate.


People with a stress disorder will avoid talking about the traumatic experience and also having to see or hear anything that may remind them of it. This may result in them trying to avoid places and people, and lead to them being more isolated and feeling lonely.


People who suffer from PTSD tend to suffer depression as a result of the impact on other areas of their lives. Severe PTSD can render the sufferer incapable of leading a normal life.

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