If you receive an award of compensation in respect of a personal injury claim, you are able to protect both your current and future entitlement to certain State Benefits and Local Authority Care by placing your compensation into a Personal Injury Trust.

This means that you can receive your compensation and still claim means tested benefits or be entitled to local authority care.

The first 52 weeks after you receive any payment whether interim or final, will be ignored for means tested benefits. After that, if the money is not in a Personal Injury Trust it can be taken into account in assessing your entitlement to benefits or local authority care.

So a Trust can protect your compensation if you need to claim means tested benefits or local authority care now or in the future.

For example, Client A received £20,000 but was not on benefits. Two years later means tested benefits had to be claimed but because she did not set up a Trust within 52 weeks, her compensation award stopped her claim until the money was used up.

In contrast, Client B received £20,000 and even though not on benefits decided to set up a Personal Injury Trust. Years later he had to claim means tested benefits and was able to do so without having to use up his £20,000.

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How can Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors help?

We offer a simple and straight forward service to help you decide whether a Personal Injury Trust is in your best interests. We are able to guide you through the process, including a suitable Personal Injury Trust document and helping your Trustees to set up a Trustee bank account. We can also advise your local Benefits Agency that a Personal Injury Trust has been established.

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