Did you think your accident was the fault of another party, such as the hotel management or the holiday company?

The tour operator has to ensure your reasonable safety whilst on a holiday. Therefore, if they organise accommodation for you which is dangerous or where the staff are careless, then they are responsible for your subsequent injury.

However, if an excursion was organised by yourself then you may not make a claim against the tour operator. There are, for example, many excluded activities which the tour operators may not insure you against, such as:

  • Scuba diving (depending on adequate supervision and training)
  • Hiring and/or riding mopeds
  • Jet skiing or jet biking
  • Off poste skiing or snowboarding
  • Hang gliding / parachuting / parascending
  • Bungee jumping

Such activities may be excluded from your travel insurance, unless the activity was paid for and organised in the UK by the tour operator.

This list is only an example of what tour operators do not like to take responsibility for and it is important that you read your holiday insurance carefully to see what your “excluded activities” are, if any.

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