Have you suffered an injury whilst on holiday which you believe was the fault of the hotelier or holiday company? If so, you should consider making a holiday injury claim against your tour operator.

You might be entitled to compensation for any injury suffered or where the holiday fell below the standard that had been reasonably expected. The Court will look to award damages that represent the loss of enjoyment of the holiday.

Anyone who has suffered an injury whilst on a “package holiday” may be able to claim compensation, even though the injury suffered happened abroad. A “package holiday” is a holiday where the tour operator arranges your accommodation and transport to and from the airport. By organising these and other aspects of your holiday, the British tour operator is responsible for any injury you suffer whilst participating in their organised activities. Therefore, the tour operator may be responsible for an accident which occurs in your accommodation or during transfer.

For example, you could have suffered an injury due to shelves or a bed collapsing in your apartment, which was not your fault, you could have been involved in an accident as a result of a careless coach driver, whilst on a trip organised by the tour operator or maybe you have suffered short-term gastric illness or food poisoning caused by food or water.

If it was a special holiday such as a marriage abroad, a honeymoon or if the holiday fell below the standard that was reasonable to expect for price paid then you may be entitled to claim for loss of enjoyment of the holiday.

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